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From AHA 2014

Dressage Riders- Get the Word Out

Attention Dressage Exhibitors riding in Open USEF/EC/USDF shows,  get your Arabians and Half-Arabians/Anglo Arabians recognized for excellence! AHA will recognize high-point Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horses showing in dressage classes on the open circuit.  Just have a show official contact the Competition Department at AHA (303) 696-4500 ext. 4, and we will send out recognition certificates for USEF/EC/USDF shows. Email requests can be sent to [email protected]


Showmanship - It's All About You

Adult Showmanship was added to last years' Canadian Nationals and was extremely popular with entry numbers rivaling those of the Hunter Pleasure classes. This year, U.S. Nationals is following suit and adding Adult Showmanship to its list of classes.


Showmanship is judged strictly on the exhibitor's ability to prepare and present the horse safely, correctly and elegantly. Conformation of the horse is not to be judged, since the horse is considered a means of displaying the abilities of the showman. If this sounds like the class for you, get out and get showing as qualifications will be required for both Canadian and U.S. National Shows. Adult qualification points will be the same as those for Youth National qualifications, requiring two points for Regionals and five points for Nationals.


For complete class conduct and judging guidelines, see the sub-chapter, AR-29, Showmanship Section of the USEF Arabian Division Rules.

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