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Pony, Pony Cart and Harness ... the ONLY reason I am selling is he is mean to cattle [email protected]

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I live in Culver  [20 miles from Duluth and Cloquet and Floodwood] and just want one border, to ride with, etc. My place and barn is small.  my phone number is  [218] 345-8700  Kelly Holte   
Here's from the ad I had on Craigslist:

New 2 story barn with steps, not ladder, to hay mow; paddock, horse waterer, 5 acres bordered by gravel roads, 3 pastures, in the process of building a feed/tack room. tarred road ends at property line. easy access from Duluth, Cloquet, Brookston, Floodwood, range towns/areas. Board costs for one horse include buying all hay for your horse and mine, buy your own grain, hoof and vet care, etc. for your horse. Square bales and/or round bales; storage in hay mow for squares and hay elevator available to use. Some storage room for other things available in hay mow, too. That's it. I want someone who's about 40 to 60 so we can relate and have fun riding together, man or woman, who has honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, etc, and I prefer not a beginner rider. Can leave horse trailer here, if you have one, and I won't use it without express permission. Driveway goes from one road to bordering road, so easy access to drive through without having to back up unless loading barn with hay, and that's all set up for easy access too!

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I am looking for a reasonably priced Riding Horse (a gaited pintabian would be PERFECT)  .... 

Pony equipment , saddle , harness, cart  

218-393-7431   [email protected]    The Last Resort Farm Brookston MN

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